Antoine Puel — Interactive Designer

I'm graduated in digital graphic design and communications strategy in Ecole Estienne in Paris. I also got a master's degree in Digital Arts in ERG in Brussels.

I am fascinated by Internet and what is produced on this network, how we interact with new technologies in everyday life and I like to create interactive things. I try to reflect on technological devices that surrounding us, algorithmic processes modifying our way of living, online surveillance mecanisms and all new design practices emerging from all of this.

I'm a web and interactive designer, meaning that I try to create devices or interfaces that you can interact with (with a click, a sound, a gesture...etc). I have few experiences of internship in communication and web-design agencies in Paris, Brussels or Tel-Aviv, and a brief experience as a freelancer.

HTML5 • CSS3 • Javascript • Git • Webpack • Gulp • Kirby (CMS) • Processing • Arduino/Raspberry Pi • Kinect

— I also got a training in copy-writing and communications strategies.

Mail | CV | Github | @antoinedotcool